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One of my all time favourite artist.

His artwork means so much to me, and has different meanings to me. I even have is panda gun one as a sticker on my laptop. His artwork is funny and meaningful, and it just kind of says “hey, society! Fuck you!” And I love that! His art gets many different reactions from many different people, and no matter what, he carries on doing it, and so whenever I see his work I automatically go, “okay, lets work, let’s try to tell people to be a bit more open minded and tell them to stuff the norms of society, and be who you want to be, and do what makes you happy, and say what you want to say, all while not disrespecting anyone.”

Banksy, to me, and his artwork, tells me that you can get across your message in such a simple way and it can make a big impact on people, even if it’s only one or two people who see it, it doesn’t matter, it has had an impact on people in some way and that’s all that should matter.


Okay, so I know this was a quick post, but it’s so hard expressing the way I feel about Banksy when you can kind of just see it in his work. But, I hope you enjoyed this little ramble, and can see how much Banksy means to me, and I will see you all over the internet!



Ex Machina

Ex Machina

This film is one of my FAVOURITES! It’s made so well, thought out so well, and if you like sci-fi and robot-typed films, you will love this.

I don’t think it’s great for all ages (and if you’re like me, I wouldn’t watch this with you’re parents..)

Overall, very good film, 5/5!