In my first post I said the word ‘Cancer.’

This word can get many different reactions and can have many different meanings to people and as such to that, also many memories, mainly horrible, sad and unimaginable memories, some, to dreadful to speak of.

Some reactions of this word maybe, ‘that’s my star sign!’ ‘Oh, god something else about that illness.’ ‘I wish that word never existed,’ and so much more. Maybe even a shocking reaction, sad, or even happy because of a certain outcome that is associated with that word.

My personal reaction? A mixture of fear, anguish, dread, sadness, but also empowerment and motivation. This can sound weird but the reasons for some are;

Fear: Fear that it could happen to anyone at any age, any gender, any race, any sexuality, to anyone close to me, and it is a horrible fault, because I know cancer does not discriminate, and I also know it happens to young people (and other ages) that do not deserve to have this illness and then also have this illness take over their life then take their life, and it happens to the families that do not deserve it and it scares me to think that this is a thing and it’s still kind of a taboo subject.

Anguish: Wishing that this terrible thing never existed and wanting it to go away and become apart of history and also just wanting more people to talk about it and help others in a cancer type situation, because not enough people do!

And it’s similar with dread and sadness, however, the empowerment and motivation is because it makes me want to do something to stop this disease from killing people and motivates me to make sure my family, friends and I are okay, and to do this I have had help with Coppafeel. This charity specializes in breast cancer and it is for everyone, as everyone has boobs, big or small, and like I sad it does not discriminate, so make sure you check your boobs and if you need help you can visit that website.

While, writing my post I like to listen to something, and at this time I am listening to David Bowie. Some may know him, and more may know him because of a more recent occurrence that has happened. Like Alan Rickman. Both died at the age of 69 of cancer, Bowie on the 10th, Rickman on the 13th (Sorry if I got the dates wrong!). These two people were two of many of my childhood heroes, and once someone said to me “the hardest part of growing up is also seeing pieces of your childhood dying.” This can mean people or memories, and it’s true, and it’s even worse when it is a illness, mental or physical.

Sometimes you may feel like you want to help but you can’t, but you can! Like I said in The Butterfly Affect a small thing can lead to a big thing, so just spread the word, do anything you can for any charity, and to start you of why not remind people to check their boobs! Or to help another charity just watch this video and share it when you click the link you can also see the relevance it has with this post!)!

I could have wrote more about this subject and if you want me to comment below, but for now I shall leave you with those links! Remember check your boobs and click on the links!

Any who, I  shall greet you next time!



I found this quote, the other day on twitter (not sure by who), and I thought that this was a very good thing to relate to anything. For example, stop wanting to be a dancer more than you want to dance. So, instead of doing something for the sake of doing it or for success or to become famous, do it because you are passionate about it.

Also, if you take care and time into your work, it can be so much better, and if you enjoy doing t people will enjoys reading/watching/viewing what you are doing.

I know sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do for a certain reason, but if this is so and you can’t help it, at least try to make sure the reason isn’t to make others happy and to impress others while putting you down.

I don’t know the meaning of life, but I sure as heck know it is not to make other people happy even if you are not happy doing it. The meaning of life is unknown, but I thing the meaning of every individuals life is to make it the best they can while being happy, and making people happy but only if you are happy to do so and it is not stressing you out or holding you back or such.

Basically this post is me trying to tell you to be happy with what you are doing in life and not doing something for someone else’s benefit, because that’s not fun, and life should be enjoyed, I mean you only have one life in this mind and body you’re in so if you want to change any aspect of your life, or self, make sure it’s a positive change, one you are comfortable with and one you are happy with and of course one you can enjoy.

Also, Happy new year!

For me 2015 wasn’t too great, so I am determined to get 2016 the best I can, of course I will have bad days but I am going to try to get as many good days as I can. And I am not making resolutions because I don’t like setting a certain time and then something goes wrong, because we’re human so something will go wrong, and so I may not have started on the first or yesterday, and I’m most likely not going to start today, I MAY THOUGH, I will start, because you can change any day you want, you don’t have to plan it and say I’m going to start on so and so, you may just get up and be like “today is the day” and then you do it!

I personally think that any day you want to change or any chance you get, like new years, is a good enough excuse, for me, to change for the better, so don’t worry if you said you are going to go to the gym and then miss one day that you have failed, do it again the next day and start again.

Don’t think of January first as a start point think of December thirty-first as an end point.

Any who, I hope that made sense and as always like and share this post and comment any thoughts you have, and I shall greet you in my next post.