Happy Holidays


This is of course is my first post, with hopefully many more to come, and I thought why not use this time of year to my advantage and tell you that I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Whether you celebrated Christmas or any other holiday,or if it was just another day for you, I hope you had a great day!

However, so many people can’t have a nice holiday, or even some nice days, and though many people suffer differently in their own way, I want to do something to at least help someone. I’ve always like seeing people smile, and just the moments where you see a glimpse or in the car on the way to you’re friends, or walking to the corner shop, and you see some PDA or laughter, it’s just… nice. And so I am hoping to volunteer at Cancer Research UK in 2016, and just hopefully do something worth while, and spread joy, and help that charity and help people and help defeat cancer and I said ‘and’ a lot, and I shall also talk about why Cancer Research UK charity means so much to me.

So why don’t you do something to help others in 2016, not for yourself but for others. Make them laugh, make them smile, be there for them in times of need, give them gifts that come from the heart, not just on birthday’s or holiday’s but any random day, and give them a smile on a random day because of this one random thought you had of them, as stuff like this can mean soooooooo much to some people, even if it only affects this one teeny weenie corner of this infinite universe it can do so much, you just don’t realize it, like the butterfly affect.

Any who, sorry for a short first post, I hope to make them longer and more planned and more thoughtful, ect ect…

But for now, I shall greet you again in my next post, goodbye!


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