The butterfly affect

In my last post I talked about ‘The Butterfly Affect.’

If you don’t know what this is, then I shall tell you; The butterfly affect is, well, for example, a butterflies wings flutter, and therefore create a hurricane on the other side of the world. Sounds extreme and *insert ‘that escalated quickly’ meme here* but it basically means that something small can create something big, or what you do in your everyday life has a consequence, whether it’s big or small, good or bad.

So everything you do in life leads to something else happening. Someone taught J.K Rowling how to write which lead to some ones happiness when reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (So not talking about me). Anyway..

So just think about it, if you do something great, if you learn something new or do something, anything(!), good, that could make somebody very happy in the future, or even change somebody’s life, been if it’s one persons life, you still changed something and made it great, it’s something you can be proud of and happy and smug about.

But also remember that any bad choices you make can also affect people in a bad way. For example calling someone a ‘twig’ because they are ‘way too skinny’ or even ‘anorexic’ and saying stuff like “you should eat more” are NOT complements. It could lead to an eating disorder, but this is another topic I shall write up another time.

But also remember that a bad mistake is not your fault. Like at all. It was a mistake. People make them. It is not your fault. You are a human being and it happens sometimes. BUT, if someone does point you out for it and you refuse to acknowledge it, then you will look like a bad person.However if you have made a mistake and it does affect somebody in someway or something, then again, it’s not your fault, things happen, and you just have to let it go, and set it free, like a butterfly from it’s cage in to the wonderful world that is out there once the hurricane is over.

(Great segway and metaphor there!)

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