People just have to learn (and learning to accept that)

Hi everyone!

In psychology we were talking about manners, which sounds like a non-psychology topic, and it is…

Anyway, my teacher was saying how she almost got angry at someone for not holding the door open for her when, as she says, they obviously saw her, as she thought that it was just human etiquette, that it was just manners! Then she said how she relised that just because she had been brought up with that being manners, this child may have not, and so there was no point getting mad at him, and instead maybe just approaching him to tell him. Well, she thought this was a good idea until he started moaning and answering back at her, but that’s not the point!

The point is, that sometimes online you may see someone post something or say something that may be offensive, and you may know that it is offensive, but they may not. So, instead of getting mad at them and yelling at them, spreading even more negativity, why not approach them in a nice way and say something like; “hey, that was a bad thing you did, did you know that?” and if they didn’t now they do! And if they did, then they are not worth the attention and you can just ignore them, block them, report them, whatever, just don’t start drama online.

It could even be something about gender or sexuality, some people just don’t know anything about it, so maybe you could teach them, give them a chance to learn. So, they accidentally used the wrong pronouns, tell them, they probably know nothing about being genderfluid ect..

It also may be you that is giving a bad response. You may not know that a certain sexuality even exists, instead of coming back with something like; “that is not  a sexuality, you’re just making it up, you’re probably gay..” ect.. say something like: “I’m sorry, I don’t really know what that is, please explain so that I can understand more…”

What I’m saying is BE NICE and then maybe we could all get along, and learn from each other.

Just, don’t get so angry, and positive vibes and all that XD

Anyway, I hope this helps, and you are a bit more open minded and you think before you act, and I shall see you all over the internets!




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