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The Danish Girl


My girls night, and day out!

Hey everyone!
On a Saturday night my friend Bobbie and I had a little girls night. We had chocolate, ice cream, had fun, and jumped around and sang really loudly to Mama Mia (Max didn’t enjoy it quite as much).

First of all, I went to meet Bobbie around 7pm in my Phan top, boy do I love night walks! It was perfect, cold but not too cold or the horrible cold, the cold that makes you feel warm inside… Do you understand what I’m saying?

Then I met Bobbie and we went to the shop and bought the choclate, ice cream and two bottles of Sholer! 

 Then, we waited at the bus stop, for the bus of course. 

When we got home we had a chat in the kitchen eating ice cream and drinking Sholer, then we went into my room and danced about having a great laugh!

I made a video of part of our sleepover, which shall be in the ‘filmography’ list when it is up! Make sure you subscribe to Abbi Kababi to see when all my videos are uploaded!

Skipping forward to day two! And my friend had left me, around 12 a.m, and so off I went to get ready for my day out! With my lovely friend Hannah! It was definitely a great day. And I knew it would be! So of course I vlogged it! Which, again, you can see on my channel, or in the ‘Filmography’ list!

At one of the many bus stops we took some gorgeous selfies! 

    (Which you can also check out on @abbikababi_ on instagram)
Then we went on a journey to find: THE FIRST PROM DRESS SHOP!

When we did, we picked three dresses each, but had to wait for the changing rooms to be free, so the lovely lady said she would save them for us and we can come back in 20 minutes, so we then went to Starbucks. Here are some very Tumblr (where I also have an account @abbikababi) photos I took: 

 (Thank you Hannah for being an excellent model!)

While I was in there I saw TWO DOGS THAT HAD WALKED IN! (With their owners of course) And I don’t know about you but I have never seen two dogs in a coffee shop. 

Side note: While I’m writing this my dog is licking my hands and cuddling me, so sorry for any grammatical errors here is a picture of him right now: 

 Anyway, back to the story!

So after that Hannah and I went back to the prom dress shop and tried on some dresses. 

 (I only got pictures of me)

Then we went to another one and our intention was again to just look around and try some on to see if we might get them 

 but then… We found Hannah’s PERFECT dress! So of course we took pictures: 

   and we bought hers that day! (You can also see this moment in the vlog, “Prom dress shopping with Hannah” when it is up it shall also be in ‘filmography’
So what a triumphant day! Finally we went back to hers where I found this! 

 Watched the Carry On film and off to my home I went!

So those were my two great days! How about you? Had any days that were as fun or even more fun than this was for me? Leave it in the comments!

Any who, this was a giant plug for all my social media sites wasn’t it? (lol) on that note, I shall see you everywhere else on the internet so until next time,